The badgers's website

New host

We've just change the host of the site. There should not be anything different after all the DNS records are modified.
One important aspect is that we no longer have an email server.

Who are the badgers ?

Glad you ask...

The answer will come soon enoght, after they will decide what to do

TheBadgers was an simple idee, the onlly purpose of this project/site was to have some fun while experimenting with some free and open source software like a mail server, mastodon, and what will come around.

In the future

We are looking to make an matrix server, just for fun, and to have a way to communicate.

What is matrix?
More details will come soon, or can check it out here
On short: Matrix is an open sourcer communication protocol. It can be use similar to something like skpe or discord: text messages, video/audio calls.

What makes matrix diferent than skype and discord?

With this being said, we are looking to make an matrix server, that will allow us(thebadgers community) to communicate, and also others outside the server.