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TheBadgers file storage

We have a little server for file storage.
This is a filebrowser server.

Our server can be accessed here

About Filebrowser

Filebrowser is an opesource software that allows user to create a little file storage server.

There can be created multiple accounts for users, each with it's own root director and other rules.
Users can be allowed to create accounts.

Filebrowser allows captcha veriffications and proxy header authentificationm, if the servers is behind a reverse proxy.

Down sides

Filebrowser allows to set rules for each user, but it doesn't give a way to limit the storage per user(at least not yet).

The file sharing option is usefull, and filebrowser allows users to set an limit in time(hours, days) for the link or a maximum number of downloads. But there is no preview for the shared files. In order for someone to see the content of files, the files have to be downloaded.