The badgers's website


This page is outdated, we NO LONGER provide an email server. The page here is only for the records.

Mail server

We have a mail server:

It is just the server, not the client

You can contact The Badgers at:


Still our mail server has some problems with the host provider.
In order not to use this address to make spam on this IP, we ar not able to send mails to other servers like gmail, yahoo etc.

Setting up the client

If you want to join our mail you have to work a little bit for it.

  1. Getting an acount

    We don't have,yet, any form to register an acount, so you have to ask a badger for an acount

  2. Getting an email client

    If we have a mail server does not implies that we also have an web client for email, so you have to use an existing mail client like thunderbird

  3. Configure the mail client:
    • Write your username( and password
    • Go to advance config
    • Server host for both incoming and outgoing is
    • At incomig we have SSL/TSL encryption on port 993
    • For outgoing use STARTTLS on port 587